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Here at Crosswind, we believe that relationships play an important role in growing as a Christian. We are not just on our own journey to follow Jesus, but we recognize that God has given us companions for that journey. Together we can laugh, cry, sweat, snack, learn, play, fail, succeed, and grow - not on our own, but together. We like to call that community, and that’s why we encourage everyone to get involved in one of our various Small Groups.

So what exactly are Small Groups?

They are groups of 8-12 people that meet together routinely (for about 12 weeks at a time) in homes throughout the Westminster and Hanover areas.  Through these groups, we build new relationships while focusing on a particular area of interest or study.  Each semester, we offer numerous topics or book studies to choose from.  We try our best to make sure that there’s something for everyone, so that no one needs to be left out.  

Check out the list below to learn about the current groups that we are offering this semester and then click here to join a group!

Small Groups 


September 3 - December 9

Westminster Area Groups- Black

Hanover Area Groups- Green


  • Adult Bible Study- 8:05am- Paul and Jennie Cushing- meets in the Youth Chapel at our Westminster Campus.  If interested, just show up on Sunday morning!
  • Recent Grads & Young Adults- 6:00pm - Darrin & Libby Herbst - meets at Darrin & Libby's home in Westminster.  Contact Libby at for more info!
  • Singles of Crosswind (30's-50's)- 3:00pm- Melodie Buker & Debra Billington- call to confirm location- 443-536-3550 (Melodie) or 410-413-0988 (Debra)
  • Freedom Group- *GROUP IS FULL*- 6:00pm- Pastor Mike and Miranda Ferrante- (participants need to purchase $10 book)- meets at the Parsonage- contact Pastor Mike at 


  • Freedom Group- 7:00pm- Chris & Mary Jo Kraft- (participants need to purchase $10 book)- meets in Westminster- 443-465-3119 (Chris). SPACE IS LIMITED
  • Ladies' Group- 9:30-10:30am- Nikki Biggus- Ladies' study- meets at Panera in Hanover- 717-632-3313


  • Men's Group- (Starting September 26)- 11:30am- Chris Kraft- Sermon Discussion- meets at Panera Bread in Westminster- 443-465-3119
  • Freedom Group- *GROUP IS FULL*- 6:30pm- Pastor Chris and Elyssa Kaskel- (participants need to purchase $10 book)- meets in Westminster- contact Pastor Chris at 
  • Marriage Study- 6:30pm- October 3-November 7- Don and Darlene Lawrence- "Building Blocks"- A Study of Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs- meets in the Conference Room at our Westminster Campus- contact Darlene at


  • Courageous Men- 7:00pm- (Starting September 20)- Bob Harris- meets in the OASIS classroom at our Westminster Campus- (443) 244-7153 (Bob)
  • Young Families' Group- 7:00pm- (Starting September 20)Jeremy & Rachel Demby- Men and Women alternate weeks- meets in the Pier 29 Room at our Westminster Campus or at a local restaurant- contact Rachel at or Jeremy at
  • Crocheting for Jesus- 7:00pm- Norma Smith- Help make Project Linus blankets or Prayer Shawls, or bring your own crochet project- meets in the room off the Cafe at our Westminster Campus- 443-536-8946
  • Ladies’ Study- 7:00pm- Susan Gartner- Study TBD- meets in the Conference Room at our Westminster Campus- 443-791-5400

  • Ladies' Study- 7:00pm- Debbie Cushing- Study of Goliath Must Fall:  Winning the Battle Against Your Giants by Louie Giglio- meets in the High Tide Room at our Westminster Campus- Contact Debbie at

  • Freedom Group- 7:00pm- (Starting September 13)- Rick and Sue Weisgerber- (participants need to purchase $10 book)- meets in the Sanctuary at our Westminster Campus- Contact 443-547-7207. SPACE IS LIMITED


  • Ladies' Study Group- 6:00pm- Jaime Barberry- Study of The LORD Series by Kay Arthur (LORD, I Need Answers; LORD, Teach Me to Pray; LORD, Teach Me to Study the Bible)- meets in Littlestown- contact Jaime at 
  • Freedom Group (Ladies)- 7:00pm- Robyn Smith & Donna Gardner- (participants need to purchase $10 book)- meets in Hanover- contact Robyn at 717-476-2766 or SPACE IS LIMITED


  • Ladies' Group (Lioness Arising)- 10:00am- September 8 - November 10- Daena Cox & Cathy Bohn- Study of Entrusted: A Study of 2 Timothy by Beth Moore- (participants needs to purchase $15 study guide)- meets in Manchester- childcare provided- contact Cathy at 443-744-2240
  • Coffee with the Guys- 6:30am- David Berry- fellowship and devotional time at Panera in Westminster- contact David at

  • Freedom Group- *GROUP IS FULL*- 7:00pm- Pastor David & Debbie Sulcer- (participants need to purchase $10 book)- meets in Manchester- contact Pastor David at 

  • Marriage Study- *GROUP IS FULL*- 7:00pm- Pastor Herb and Emily Reisig- Study of Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans- meets in Littlestown- 443-895-5149 (Herb)


  • Men's Breakfast- 7:00am- (Starting September 30)- Chris Kraft- sermon discussion- meets at Dutch Corner in Manchester- 443-465-3119
  • Freedom Group (Men)- 8:00am- Troy Carver- (participants need to purchase $10 book)- meets in Hanover- 443-789-3612 (Troy). SPACE IS LIMITED

Facebook Study Groups

  • Moms' Study Group- Ashley Carver and Jenn Hooper-
  • Daily Word- Rod Harrison- Private Facebook Group for Men- Daily interaction
  • Men's Bible Reading- Jeff Alexander- Private Facebook Group for Men- Daily interaction